• Manage Your Health at
    Fingertips, now Literally!!

    A comprehensive way of measuring, monitoring,
    and tracking important health parameters of
    multiple family members
  • Why is Tracking your Blood Pressure Important?

    1 out of every 3 adults is at risk of
    developing High Blood Pressure or

    High blood pressure, if left untreated,
    can lead to sudden and severe health
    complications such as heart failure,
    stroke, and other organ damage.

  • How can high fluctuations in heart rate impact us?

    People with a high heart rate (pulse) at
    rest have an increased risk of death
    even if they are physically fit and
    A lower heart rate at rest implies more
    efficient heart function and better
    cardio-vascular fitness.

  • How can changes in Oxygen levels and SpO2 impact us?

    Blood oxygen level is the amount of
    oxygen circulating in the blood.
    With a blood oxygen level that is too
    low compared with the average level of
    a healthy person body has difficulty
    delivering oxygen to all of its cells,
    tissues, and organs.

    India’s First Finger-Based BP Monitor

    3-in-1 Device to measure

    BP, Oxygen Level, and Heart Rate

    An integrated device for tracking three vital signs at once blood pressure, oxygen saturation level and heart rate 

    Made in India

    V Chek : Caring for Life

    Blood Pressure Monitor Device

    V-Chek is India’s 1st Finger-Based medical device to measure your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Oxygen Saturation Levels accurately.

    A one-stop device integrated with App Support for tracking critical health parameters.

    With V-Chek you can keep your doctor constantly in loop about your health by sending comprehensive reports of readings.