V-Chek is a health and wellness device that helps you track and monitor vital parameters of your body & helps you to stay informed.

Our goal is to make V-Chek a medical grade and clinically-validated device, rigorous clinical trials are going on to comply with the global standards.

This device is designed for home use. Though our results are accurate, it is still advisable to consult your doctor to address any symptoms you might be experiencing, as V-Chek is not a replacement for a medical professional or a diagnostics center. However, you can make decisions that need no medical intervention.

 1 Year is the warranty period.

It is designed for remote monitoring and self-care. You’re in charge of your data and privacy. You can securely share the results of your vital parameters with your Doctors, Hospitals, or family.

V-Chek comes with long battery life! It can efficiently function for 1 month. However, the battery life might vary depending on how frequently and how long you use it.

You can charge your V-Chek anywhere, just like your mobile.