Our Values

  • Focus
  • Empathy
  • Innovation Driven by Society Needs
  • Understand the Customer more than Others

Our purpose in existence is to make an impact on the lives of humans. We can’t impact every individual, but we can impact some percentage of the people in the universe.

We want to impact an individual by empowering him/her to live healthy by providing evidence-based data on his vitals so that he/she can take an informed decision. The insights we provide should be accurate enough to predict some health events like heart attack/heart arrest.

Currently, people at home use different devices to monitor different parameters, Blood Pressure monitoring devices, and Pulse Oximeter for checking Blood oxygen levels.

  • Buy different devices
  • Maintain multiple devices
  • Can’t store and share to Doctor/Hospital

V-CHEK is a non-invasive, easy to use device to monitor Blood Pressure, SPO2 and Heart rate. It accurate readings to rely on. Helps to monitor vitals anytime, anywhere without the help of the caretaker. It gives freedom to stay independent as long as possible.

  • Medication based on the real time parameters to manage Hyper tension.
  • No need of caretaker to check the vitals, can be checked anytime and anywhere.
  • No need to visit Hospitals/Diagnostic labs regularly thus saving the cost and the time.
  • One device with three parameters.